Sunday, September 25, 2005

What is this, Bad Sequel Day?

It's slightly amazing - the fall season has arrived, and Small Country's two local channels have removed all trace of interesting shows from the weekend. Saturday used to have C-16, The District, some sitcom, Everwood and The Mountain; throw in a decent movie, and you're set for the night. But now, nothing. I wonder what their thinking is - that people go out of town on weekends?

Choice weekend entertainment includes two Bandit sequels - not the Burt Reynolds ones, but weird straight-to-video-looking affairs. I don't know the guy who plays Bandit, but his sidekick is Brian Krause, of Charmed fame. Today's feature even included Elizabeth Berkley, an actress who fulfilled so many adolescent fantasies by going from Saved By The Bell to Show Girls.

And yet, this is not the low point. (Actually the Bandit films were kinda nice.) Are you ready for this? Sunday morning television in Small Country:

The sequel to Bring It On.


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Anonymous said...

Ehhh, as much as the idea sickens me as well, can you blame them? The original Bring It On cost about $10,000,000 to make, and grossed almost seven times that in the U.S. alone within five months.


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