Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I'm in love with rock'n'roll

Well here, babe, look at you, in love with someone else
Turned out like all the others, left me by myself
That's how it works, I guess
And you're like all the rest
Guess I can handle it, and that's the way it is...

Story of my life, man. What can I tell you.

A person's musical preference is directly tied in to their inner beat. Our consciousness works at a certain rhythm, and the BPM there certainly corellates with what sort of tunes are in your headphones. I've got a pretty good cross-section of quality music in my mp3 library, and while I still listen to artefacts from days gone by when the proper mood sets in, at this point I'm all about rock'n'roll. And my initiation into this world was through Motörhead.

In the winter of 2003, E-Type was playing all around Sweden. Instead of supporting an album, this was the Euro Metal Tour - all his best songs redone as metal tracks. When the end of the tour was switched around to include a final gig in Stockholm, I knew I had to be there. Now, Martin "E-Type" Eriksson has a perfectly credible metal background. Early in his career, he was the drummer for a band called Manninya Blade, and then Hexenhaus, which at the time was billed as delivering the fastest metal in Europe. He still incorporates drum solos into his live act, and he's pretty damn good. But not as good as the guy he got to play in the Euro Metal Tour. Mikkey Dee, the drummer for Motörhead.

OK, look here: Eurodance is known for a high BPM rate. That's part of the dictionary definition. And on previous live shows, E-Type had an enormous drum set operated by two people. For the Metal tour, however, the music was boosted into overdrive. And handled by Mikkey Dee on a small club setup. That should give you some idea.

I don't care who you think is the best out there. Until you've seen Mikkey Dee live, doing his Tasmanian Devil act - you ain't seen shit. I came back from the tour, and proceeded to buy Motörhead's 25-year anniversary double CD.

I've gotten into old metal a lot since then. I have the limited edition Judas Priest comeback album with DVD (absolutely kickass). I have Alice Cooper's new album, and I've seen him live, with Uriah Heep opening. But Motörhead is still number one.

I'm in love with rock'n'roll
It satisfies my soul
That's how it has to be
I won't get mad...

I've got rock'n'roll
To save me from the cold
And if that's all there is
It ain't so bad!

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