Monday, September 12, 2005


Went to Sweden over the weekend, which explains the lack of new content. Got lots of stuff to say now.

It's the fourth year I've been doing this - going to SE for concerts. The artist is E-Type; if you're from Sweden or Scandinavia, you know of him. If you're from Europe, you may vaguely remember. If you're from the States, never mind. (Although if you're from Canada, a radio station in Toronto has been running his tracks quite regularly.) He's known as the king of Eurodance, and his peak of popularity was in the mid-90s Euro craze, but he's still alive and kicking, and very much an institution on the home market.

This was my first show outside Stockholm - in fact it was in a tiny town some 270km north. Which turned out to be cool, because the venue was a club. Let me tell you: there is a big difference between open-air and club gigs. No keyboards or fireworks this time, just a classic guitar-bass-drum pattern, plus vocals - featuring Nana Hedin! (She's the voice behind a whole lot of huge acts that used the old Cheiron team in Sthlm - including Britney Spears, for one.) I've got the bragging rights of having seen her perform live now, although the vocals weren't a particular focus. Anyway, it was a proper rock show, short tracklist - only 7 songs - but it was so insane that I doubt if the crowd could take more than that.

My Swedish friends couldn't make it this time, which sucked... but I wasn't all alone. In fact, I was (predictably) the only proper headbanger in the sorry bunch of wimps I was with. (There's a big story there, but I'm not exactly sure if I'm ready to tell it yet, or how I would do that.) I don't dwell on my numerous shortcomings, but the one talent I envy in others (in a good way) is music. I'm rubbish at it. Don't play any instruments and couldn't carry a tune out of a burning building. So to compensate, I'm honing my headbanging skills, and I must say, I'm getting rather good.

Rock on.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the show in Bollnas rocked!

antyx said...

Hmm. Do I know you? :)

Anyway, congratulations - it looks like you're my 600th hit!

Anonymous said...

I don't think we've met before :-)

But anyways, it's nice to know that a person from a Small Country made a special trip to Sverige for the concert. More good shows are to come!

Anonymous said...

Im so sorry, but that was not Nana Hedin you saw on stage. She has not been performing live with E-type since 1997. Except for Melodifestivalen on TV. Here you can see pictures of her and then you will know it was not NaNa you saw on stage that night.


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