Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Obligatory first post

If and when this blog ever features a lot of content, and is interesting to a large amount of people (here's hoping), some of them will scroll back to the first post, expecting to find information about myself and why I'm doing this. So here goes.

I am a white male in my early 20s, living in a small European country and working in the software industry. I've recently completed a three-year BA course in English at a very posh university with a very respectable linguistics department, which has provided me with sufficient grounds for academic snobbery while not being exceedingly annoying. It has also forced me to create a sizeable backlog of essays on topics of general interest (well, not always) that I can plunder to fill the gaps in this blog at times when my conscience yells at me to provide content, yet I have absolutely nothing interesting to say.

Other than that, I am a proud Euro Elitist Bastard, and I enjoy pointing out ways in which my life, choices and philosophy are superior to those around me. The idea is that along with my extensive writing background (media, technical, academic), this will make for an interior monologue that people will actually enjoy reading. And then I can feel good about myself.

So here we go. I am now officially a blogger. May God have mercy on my soul.

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