Wednesday, September 28, 2005

News from Small Country

In the news today:

  • A quarter of all the traffic policemen in Capital City have been caught by Internal Affairs taking bribes, and were promptly fired.

  • As a bonus, 19 of 27 people operating a customs station on the border between Small Country and Russia were fired for the same thing.

  • The M/S Regina Baltica beached itself off the coast of Sweden last night. Passengers headed for Capital City were given free booze while the ship limped to Kappelsk√§r harbor. Eleven years ago to the day, the M/S Estonia sank for undetermined reasons, producing the biggest loss of civilian life since the Titanic (over 800 people dead).

  • Saw not one, but two pile-ups on my five minute drive to work today. Probably a dozen cars involved altogether.

And now, back to your scheduled programming...

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