Sunday, July 13, 2008


More ego-tripping. Does anyone want to see this stuff?


Kristopher said...

Good idea, if not much of a surprise. Rome was already abuzz with rumours of Eurotrip. Make sure Benedict signs some release forms in case you have time to do an interview with him. They get weird about that in the Vatican. I think they're more into the podcast format, really. The papacy generally has special makeup requests for video. He will also only address an iSight camera -- will not budge on that.

Kristopher said...

Is that a Hugh Laurie American accent or the real thing? I thought you were a Londoner :). All right, over and out.

Giustino said...

very brave. godspeed on your trip!

Jens-Olaf said...

Add that kind of observations from your last tour to your vid and it will be just great.


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