Thursday, March 06, 2008

They're at it again.

Fancy a bit of light KERA-bashing this afternoon?

Postimees reports that Centrist big wig Lauri Laasi has gotten his way with some property in the posh Nõmme suburb. It's an area of private houses, and has a statute whereby new buildings cannot be built on plots of less than 1200 m2 (13 000 sq ft for the metrically impaired). Laasi wanted a plot of his split into two, and zoned for a new house on each half. The head of the suburb's council, also a KERA man, suggested an exception be made in this case on the grounds that the street is already ruined by ugly terraced houses.

The council's planning commission technically has a right to overrule the statute, but chose not to in this case - but the planning was still approved by Savisaar's City Hall.

Full disclosure: Lauri Laasi is married to someone I used to go to school with, so this is more fun for me than taking pleasure in the misfortunes of a complete stranger would be.


Karla said...

Full disclosure: Lauri Laasi is married to someone I used to go to school with...

"Full disclosure" indeed, I thought initially, when my dim old eyes misread "Lauri Laasi" as "Lauri Leesi..." :)

Anonymous said...

Andrei, ne pozorilsja bõ.
Õiguskantsler Allar Jõks (i on to javno ne zentrist )davno priznal chto Nõmme ehitusmäärus nedeistvitelen t.k u chasti goroda ne mozit byt svoego ehitusmäärus.
Soglasno etomu, reshenije Nõmme Halduskogu nelegetimno i elsi bõ stareishina soglasilsja s nim i zapretil stoit dom na tom osnovanii, chto uchastok ne 1200 m2 a 1076m2, to na nego mozno bõlo bõ podat v sud i gorod bõ proigral.

V sledujushii raz prezde chem zitirovat zakaznije politicheskije statji, vvedi sebja v kurs dela, ok?

antyx said...

I don't have to - I'm a blogger!

And until I see a retraction by Postimees, and/or a libel suit against them, I certainly don't have to listen to anonymous commenters. ;)


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