Friday, March 07, 2008

Victim of Advertising

Around this time last year I blogged about summer vacations, and how I bought tickets to London and from Berlin, two weeks apart. Here's what came of it.

Today, I was browsing the Postimees website and clicked on a banner for Estonian Air. Long story short - got tickets to Rome and back, for a week in July. Suggestions for sightseeing and cheap accomodation? I'm tempted to take the train out to Florence and Venice...

Also, two and a half years on - I'm going back to Bollnäs! Also an Estonian Air thing this time, the Tallink ferry is both slow and really fucking expensive. It's cheaper to get a hotel package - one night in Stockholm - than a cruise, never mind individual tickets. So it's a whirlwind round trip this time, a day and a half away from Estonia in total.

Got a big article, but I'm letting Baltlantis get a crack at it first, so stay tuned...


space_maze said...

I'm going to Rome this year. Unfortunately, it won't be till September, so no sightseeing advice from me.

I will, however, be using my massive googling skills to try to find a place which is (a) not completely filthy/out of town/whatever (b) affordable. If you're feeling lazy, I can share.

Kristopher said...

If you're thinking about visiting FLorence and one other city in the north besides Venice (Bologna is a very good call), consider renting a car in Rome.

It's not that train travel is expensive at all in Italy, but this will increase your accommodations options. Hotel rooms in the city centres tend to be small, expensive, with a lot of street noise. Even the good ones, in my experience. With a car in Tuscany you can stay on a farm or vineyard for half the price, drive to Pisa or the beach for the afternoon. Could be hot, so beach and hilltop villages are a good call.

I didn't regret having a car there, even for the three ööpäeva that we parked in Venice. Venice was so expensive (but worth it) that the 50 euros on parking and about the same for the idle rental didn't seem that bad.

Locanda Orseolo is a fabulous B&B in Venice as a one-time splurge. I would not ordinarily recommend any hotel, but I would put my ass on the line here. Those guys are probably booked for July 2010 already, but sometimes things open up.

antyx said...

Ended up booking something called the A&C Much More hotel. Less than 6000 EEK for 7 nights, which is a good deal I think.

Kristopher said...

Better than I could do. I'm sure a week in Rome would be just scratching the surface so might as well stay put.


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