Thursday, March 27, 2008

Still Do Want... but which?

Asus eee PC 9-inch: $600-ish, 1gb RAM, 12gb SSD, Intel CPU, multi-finger touchpad, Bluetooth. Likely touchscreen, possibly GPS. Linux or XP.

HP 2133: also $600-ish for 1gb RAM, 120gb HDD (what did I say, Asus?), VIA CPU. Presumably Bluetooth. Far prettier, probably a better screen.

What I'm not convinced by is the HP's ability to run Vista, even the Basic model, to any satisfaction. There are more expensive versions of the HP with twice the RAM and a bigger battery, but Vista Business (which technically has a downgrade provision in its license). I wonder if HP will release XP drivers for it? Not likely.

Still leaning towards the HP, to be honest, but I'll have to see how Vista works out.

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