Monday, March 17, 2008


Ad for a free WiFi network - "available here!" - on the back of the toilet cubicle door in the hotel Olümpia's conference center.

Got a minute all to yourself? Why not surf the Net!


Alex said...

That is cool. I keep a little Sony Mylo in my pocket while I'm out and about. In the crapper is a great time to check your email, make Skype calls or even surf the net a little bit if you're going to be a while. :-)

antyx said...

Not bad... though I'd say it isn't that much smaller and cheaper than an eee pc - which is a lot more functional.

Alex said...

My Mylo is way smaller. Look HERE and HERE to compare each next to a pack of pocket tissues. The Mylo fits in your pants pocket. While it has it's limitations (mostly video related), it packs a lot of features for it's size.


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