Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Diene at it againe...

Postimees gloats that Doudou Diène, the UN's racism envoy, has presented his long-awaited report on Estonia today, at a UN session in Geneva.

In his report, mr. Diene, remembered for coming to Estonia last year, accusing us of racial discrimination and telling us to make Russian a state language, recognizes the great work of Estonia's political leadership and government institutions in promoting tolerance and human rights.

His report apparently recognizes the controversial nature of the Soviet legacy in Estonia, and urges us to resolve the issues through a consistent integration policy and social dialogue. The report also calls for a solution to the problem of stateless persons.

The official UN press release is not quite as celebratory, obviously (Ctrl+F and search for 'Estonia'). I wonder what the actual report states.

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Jens-Olaf said...

My first reaction to the report is maby biased. But the report addresses the housing problem of Roma and others also in Lithuania.
Yes. Right.
Next report should be about housing problems of minorities in Germany then. For example not only one family is living without a proper heating system in my hometown Osnabrueck. What is leading to wet condition in the rented places over the year.What is causing servere problems with fungi (?). It is not necessary here to describe how rotten houses are looking like. And not only part of the minority are living like this, also a big number of Germans. It is a social problem or a minority problem or what? Have the UN to take care about it? Come on, it is common sense to improve things. But nowadays it seems to be common to let the supranational institutions do the work.


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