Monday, November 14, 2005


Bloggers are assholes.

I mean, there are bloggers out there who are consumed by their assholes until their existence consists of nothing but it.*

But there are also bloggers out there who are self-obsessed dicks.

Case in point. I've talked before about Jalopnik - I've since had a mildly amusing email conversation with their columnist about his critique of articles in proper car mags, which I found terribly unprofessional - but I have to hand it to them, every time I've seen someone point out a factual error in their copy, they admitted it.

They link to a regular feature on the Hecklerspray blog, which talks about the good points of cars generally considered to be bad. (CAR started running a similar feature a few months ago - hmm...) Anyway, the last installment was about the Lada Niva. Their post says that the Niva went out of production in 1998. This didn't seem quite right to me, so I went on the Lada factory website; lo and behold, it's still very much in production, and in fact Lada's most popular export model for Western Europe. This I pointed out in a comment on the Hecklerspray website. Instead of admitting their error and rewording the copy to say it was simply not sold in Britain after 1998, they... well, you can click on the link at the beginning of the previous paragraph and see.

I don't really want to fill AnTyx with tales of woe about people being nasty to me, but this seems sufficiently weird - and very much in the spirit of human folly that I discuss here regularly.

* - an inside joke for the circle jerk regulars.


Anonymous said...

At any rate, at least my blog garners comment.


antyx said...

Touche. Although I sort of always knew that the format I'm using for Antyx won't garner much feedback. This isn't a blog about myself; people only comment when they actively disagree with me, the readership isn't full of emotion vampyres saying "you poor thing!". In my mind, this means the quality of responses is much better. :P

Anonymous said...

poor thing?

most of my commenters tell me what a bastard I am. :)

antyx said...

Comes down to exactly the same thing actually. Especially since your blog is to a large extent (especially in the comments department) an extension of ?off.

Because in those terms, you have to admit, you are a bastard.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't exactly equate "Oh you poor thing!" with "Hey you cocksmoker!", but I will admit that I'm a bastard on ?off some of the time. :-)


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