Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Backing up

So, the wiki is down.

Permanently. Crashed and burned. The guy who set it up did it in some half-assed way and now the database is lost.

A letter gets sent to the corporate mailing list telling people to look in their Temporary Internet Files directory, find the content they'd put up on the wiki and mail it to such-and-such address.

Me: (thinking aloud) Uh-huh. I've had a complete wipe and reinstall since then. That's that, I guess.

Coworker: Should've made a backup, man.

Me: A backup of what? The browser cache?

I love my job.


Anonymous said...

Err.. a backup of the content you submitted, on your local drive, asswipe. :-)

antyx said...

Fuck you, Feltman :P

It's a wiki. What I wrote was a couple guides on how to post articles to the wiki itself, and I'm assuming enough people viewed those to be recoverable. Most of the content was technical folks dumping their knowledge into a repository - it probably never occured to them to save the content on the hard drive.

Anonymous said...

How come your index page displays '0 comments' even when there ARE, in fact, comments?

I've cleared my cache and all of that, so it's your page, bucko.


antyx said...

It shows them fine for me... I was working on the template earlier, so you might have caught it while republishing. I dunno.

You do need to refresh though. Blogger sucks that way.

Anonymous said...

Also, if I click on "comments" I get a default Blogger template showing all of the comments on this post.

If I click on "links to this post", I get the comments (with the links at the bottom, of which there are currently none), but the comments are displayed in a much more attractive template which matches the template of your main site and is more readable.

What's with the inconsistencies here, Mr. T?

antyx said...

Haven't the slightest clue. I don't mess with the basic layout, so you'll have to ask Blogger.

Meh, it's not perfect, but it's free. I can't quite justify private hosting at this point (i.e. I'm too cheap).


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