Wednesday, October 12, 2005

If you don't care, they don't care.

Read this first.

Yep. Your government doesn't care about you. Why should it? You don't care for your government. You don't vote, in all likelihood, and if you do, you vote for the guy with the better hair, or the guy you think is more sincere.

(I met an American girl in the UK. She seemed like a perfectly adequate human being, then I found out she voted for Bush. As I stood there, slack-jawed, she explained that she thought Kerry was an arrogant bastard. Ahem. That's a quality I'd want in my president.)

Could a Democratic administration have handled Katrina better? I don't know. There is a reasonable argument that yes, it could (google for Clinton's FEMA nominations). It doesn't matter though. The government cannot but be apathetic unless it's constantly being driven - by fear or by conscience, both of them work pretty well. If you don't think you can change anything about the way the country works, then you can't. People tell me they want the right to own guns because they might have to revolt against an opressive government some time in the future. How more oppressive can it get?

If the revolution had any chance of ever happening, it would be happening now. So shut the fuck up and eat your Chicken McNugget. If you behave, they'll give you a taste of the new LeBron James designer soda.

I've said before that America used to be a beacon of all that's good to me. The USA isn't the City Upon the Hill it thinks of itself as, but the image of the USA was just that.

What have you assholes done to my America?

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