Monday, August 11, 2008

Local News

Estonians are buying up Georgian wines in a show of support. Best thing you can do, really - guaranteed to benefit the Georgian nation rather than any political movement, so it is good irrespective of any doubts you might have as to who caused what. In conflicts such as South Ossetia, no side is ever completely innocent. I recommend the Akhasheni Marani, should be available in Selvers - a very good semi-sweet red.

Parliament is about to go into an emergency session to draft a joint statement on Georgia. An emergency session can be called with support from no less than a fifth of the Riigikogu (21 members). The session has been endorsed by all represented parties, except for Keskerakond. Vilja Savisaar's official statement to the press was, let's wait and see and gather information and not rush into things. Wouldn't do to piss off the Russians.

UPDATE 1: Meanwhile, Ansip is trying to get to Georgia. Might just be PR for now, but if he does show up in Thbilisi, that'll be a great move on his part. Compensating for political ineptitude with personal bravery; could be worse, and he's doing the right thing when it counts. A commenter on Postimees: "When the Russians came here, did anybody help out?" That is exactly why we need to be involved in Georgia.

UPDATE 2: There is a humanitarian aid flight being put together by Estonian Air, the Red Cross and various other local relief agencies. The Estonian Reserve Officers' Association is apparently putting together a team of 90 volunteers that will be on the flight and will distribute the humanitarian aid, as well as help out relief efforts on the ground. The email that I saw specifically mentioned that the group would absolutely not be involved in combat, but otherwise should be prepared for anything, including hostile fire. The email also says that perhaps the presense of Estonian reservist volunteers in Georgia will serve as inspiration to NATO. I haven't really heard of the group before, but it is certainly a good sentiment.


Giustino said...

This is why most Estonians don't vote for Keskerakond. What was their position on NATO accession, EU accession, and now Georgia? They have no position.

AndresS said...

Another way to support Georgia (and maybe make some cash) is to buy their stocks. In particular The Bank of Georgia (BGEO on the LSE) is at an all time low. :)

Kristopher said...

Bought a Tamada Saperavi at Stock on Sat. Very dry...

Staying away from the public events for now in Tallinn, the slightest thing like a broken window in the Old Town gets amplified and twisted.

Would love to get to Tbilisi, can't stand the lack of information for one thing.

Mingus said...

I like Georgian wine and it's all fine and dandy to buy it in a show of support, but that's all it would be right? A show of support? Not real support? The Estonian importers would be making the real profit. I have a friend who imports French wine that would sell in a shop for 150 EEK a bottle, whereas he pays only about 5 or 10 EEK a bottle, including import costs.
Andress's idea is good.

Kristopher said...

Mingus, I did have misgivings buying it from Stockmann and thought about what the store's margin might be and how much the vineyard got. I still think I supported a whole system, the beautiful label, the marketing, the cooperation networks in Tbilisi. Just ten years ago, it would have been a bottle of cheap sweet plonk. and the grower might have got less if it was a state wine maker.

I've heard that for restaurants, storing wine and maintaining a decent cellar and staffing sommeliers is no walk in the park. It really does add a lot to the price.

Shops, though? Yeah, probably you're right.


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