Friday, August 22, 2008

Surely you must be joking.

The iPhone 3G goes on sale in Estonia today.

At ridiculous costs. The device itself is actually quite cheap for what it does - from 1500 to 4000 EEK - but that's with a two-year plan at 550 or 890 EEK per month. While I do actually know people who spend as much on their phonecalls each month, let's look at what the plan gives you: 100 or 250 each of minutes within the EMT network, SMSes, and megabytes of traffic. Nevermind that for a device designed to show full-fat websites at 3G speeds, 250 megabytes per month is nothing. Fortunately EMT hasn't gone completely American-moronic, because they do log calls by the second instead of rounding them up to the nearest minute - which is the mindfuck behind plans with enormous numbers of "free minutes" in them - but the first time you call a non-EMT number, you're paying extra, above and beyond your already really expensive plan. At least the extra pricing is relatively cheap: 1.75 EEK per minute for calls, and 2.50 EEK per megabyte.

Because you can actually terminate the contract early, it's possible to calculate the actual cost of the device, purchased legally from EMT: 10,5 thousand kroons for the 16GB model. Over a thousand dollars.



AndresS said...

Coming from Canada where where I'm used to being ripped off by mobile companies this isn't the worst deal I've seen. What is the penalty for canceling the contract do you know?

I was thinking of getting one but being locked in for 2 years is a show stopper for me.

antyx said...

Oh yeah, that's how I calculated the actual price. Try this link, or find the Teenustasud bit on the EMT website. Basically it's the difference between 10.5K and the contract price for the 16GB, and about 1200EEK less for the 8GB.

Colm said...

Kurati jumal!


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