Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Wahaahahahahhaahaaa. :D

Anyway... other template wasn't working, so back to this one. Did I get everyone in the blogroll? If you have a blog in English that is more or less themed on Estonia - or you know of one - leave a link in the comments.

Big, relevant article coming soon, possibly in the form of a link to a slightly more authentic-looking publication.


Jens-Olaf said...

I'd wish the German blogosphere could join the English one. But it will not happen. I know some German speaking people who are following the other side but exchange is rare.
Sigh! Posting about Estonia in German is no fun.

Flasher T said...

Hey, you've got enough English skills to write about Estonia in English...

And actually, you have a very valuable perspective as a European expat in South Korea - you ought to write about that in English to reach a wide audience.

G. said...

voilĂ  our estonia-related blog!

G. said...

hehehe by the way...i've just seen I'm "who the hell is this guy"!:D

See you on sunday to the celebrations if you'll go there!

Jens-Olaf said...

flasher_t, you are right, I thought about it, my spouce told me so too long time ago^^.
As an IT geek that you are, if the chance, come over to Korea. That would be fun,not only in blog perspective. The things are more related as I thought. Russia is not that far away. BTW, since January I get my bread from a Korean, born in Usbekistan, with Russian as native language and excellent English skills. The family make this grey bread here in Busan. And I also like the sausage they sell. The brand Is "Rusko".


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