Thursday, February 28, 2008

Estonia's Ugliest Computer

A campaign by a local weekly, to find the ugliest machine in IT wonderland Estonia. Winners get a couple of posh new HP laptops.

This one for example was put on a hot stove, out of the reach of little kids, who nevertheless managed to turn the hotplate on. :) Melted (and exploded) battery, half the RAM gone, but it still runs!


Alex said...

My dad bought a Kaypro II back in the early 80's, much like the Kaypro 16 on that site. I was addicted to playing text adventure games on that little green screen. :-)

antyx said...

I've got a tentative line on a Compaq 8.9-incher, like the one on the site. We'll see if the guy is willing to part with it. ;)


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