Thursday, July 12, 2007

Edgar just can't get a break.

The mayor's downward spiral continues. Today, July 12th, started out with news that one Rene Reinmann, a Tallinn assembly member for the Centrist party, a sitting member of the council's law enforcement committee (among other things), is a criminal. The man's been convicted for multiple felonies, including violent assault.

This is Tallinn, and the Centrists have an absolute majority in the municipal assembly. Nobody to blame but themselves.

Then, just as the online news sources were chewing on Andrus Ansip's response to Savisaar's critical article in yesterday's daily (the PM essentially told Edgar to sit down and shut the fuck up), the wires come alive with news that the police caught Savisaar speeding.

You know how I said people are really angry at speeders right now?


Jens-Olaf said...

Edgar, I saw him the first time in February 1992, the government, he was prime minister, had to resign, came out from parliament shaking hands with his supporters, he was smiling. Men in uniform played music. The whole scene was totally different from a resignment. He has a talent but for what? The answer includes: fast driving, secret talks.

Giustino said...

Are there any other power brokers in the Center Party that would stab him in the back? Some of the other politicians in KESK are not nearly as stinky as Edgar, especially when compared to the Rs Publica boys.

Tiamsuu said...

Anyone who could have done it has been weeded out long ago. There's some low-key internal opposition, but they're loyal where it counts.


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