Thursday, April 26, 2007

Estonica: Go!

I'd like to say that the shit has hit the fan, but actually the start of the Bronze Soldier excavation this morning has been relatively uneventful; so much so that the news outlets, reduced to CNN-style running coverage online, feel justified in putting up headlines like "A silver van has entered the perimeter".

Erick and I are contemplating the possibility that the van is there to take the monument away. There's an enormous tent over the entire square, ostensibly to protect the archeologists digging for the soldiers' remains, so nobody really knows what's going on inside. The Bronze Soldier itself is life-size, will easily fit into the back of a van. And weeks later, when they finally remove the tent, we'll all find out that Aljosha has actually been melted down and turned into Estonian eurocoins.


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