Wednesday, July 12, 2006


 Hesbollah forces attacked northern Israel today. Israeli tanks have crossed the border, and the IDF air force has hit targets in Lebanon. Our hosts are frantically communicating with extended family. The instructor says: "This is how Israeli soldiers fight. With one hand they're fighting, and with the other they're talking to their mothers."

Dead Sea's out, but we'll all be going back on Friday - probably. This looks like it may be the beginning of an actual ground war. Hopefully not.

OK, now I'm feeling apprehensive.

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AllanL5 said...

In general, it sounds like you picked a nice time to go to Israel. Sure, the war with Hezballah broke out while you were there. On the good side, the Intefada is in a lull, and there's very few (if any) bombings in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv.

Thanks for your answer on the 'sprituality' question. Some people tend to equate spirituality, and personal faith, and established Religion to the point where they can no longer draw any distinctions. This means they miss lots of nuance and even huge differences between people.

Even so, each person is involved in some personal search for meaning. Thanks for your answr.


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