Sunday, July 23, 2006

Pictures from Israel



Anonymous said...

FYI, this "small" thumbnail weighs more than 2 megabytes ;)

antyx said...

Ugh. Fixed.

Blame Blogger software. :P

Anonymous said...

Long time, mon frere. Do hit me up. I'm at My AIM ID is sinswages.


(You're right, btw. "Machine" really was imaginatively re-contextualized pablum. Most of it, anyway. The Arizona Republic ripped most of my pieces featuring military hoo-rah & Stars & Stripes quotes me as an expert on the AC-130 Spectre gunship. Shoulda called it IGN Ordinance instead. Or IGN Typos & Transpositions. I'm still bitter about the fact that Spence refused to copy edit anything I sent him, even when I was on my 40 hour rolling deadlines, which was always.)

Oh, I have a mission for you should you choose to accept it.

TMG is still about (that's what The Machine Guy goes by these days. Never let an alter-ego acquire too much personality. They tend to escape. He's not as bad as Sin, though.

That's Sinjin Thule, my handle on WotC's d20 SWRPG gaming boards. Sin is the source of a major identity crisis. More people know me as him then as me. I have to check my birth certificate every couple weeks just to remind myself what my parents used to call me. In case they call, I mean. It happens now & then.




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