Thursday, December 01, 2011


Here's a video of a lecture I gave to first-year IT students at the University of Tartu, on the job of a technical writer. It's in Estonian, and it's short; one of a technical writer's core virtues is to talk as little as possible while still getting your point across.


Giustino said...

Strong w├Ârk. Took me a second or two to adjust to your "accent" or should I say "rendition" of Estonian ... Light on the 'r's -- Are you working on some kind of non-rhotic Estonian, a British-Esto fusion? Much better than those guys at the tehno├╝levaatus punkt.

antyx said...

Nope, that's an honest old-fashioned speech impediment. I can roll a proper R if I make a conscious effort, but in rapid speech I default to that. Doesn't come out in English, part of why I like it.


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