Monday, August 30, 2010


Don't you just love "experts" who are not just consistently wrong, but remain wilfully ignorant?

Forgive me for feeding a troll, but I understand that my readers rather enjoy this kind of thing. Was pointed to an article by someone purporting to be an economist.

Well, as I told John at the time, the Estonian case is a complex one, since in a country with only just over a million people a myriad of special case factors can be at work, confounding results.

Well fuck me sideways with a chainsaw, Edward, but wouldn't it just be swell if an analyst publishing long-winded treatises full of graphs actually took the time and effort to investigate these special factors, and contemplate their effect on the model he's trying to apply? All the more so after admitting his previous predictions have been wrong?


Giustino said...

Oh, look at all those graphs. Why do people even bother?

As where the chainsaw fucking thing, did you make that up yourself?

antyx said...

It's a portmanteau of a couple of particularly expressive bits I've seen from different people, but in this case it came out in that shape of its own free will. :)

Estonia in World Media (Rus) said...

He's work is kind of cute for acknowledging own failed predictions. Something we never see from our gentle friends from Россйская Педерация.


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