Thursday, June 17, 2010

Untapped Market

Why is there no self-storage available in Estonia? I've even seen a place like that in Latvia, it's just off the Tallinn highway on the outskirts of Riga.

Get a prefab warehouse building in an industrial park, separate it into units, let people rent out a unit and put all their unnecessary shit there. Have a store on-site that sells packaging materials and boxes and stuff. Partner with a kolimistakso company.

How much would you pay for something like that? I figure, for the space of a regular one-car garage - let's say 20m2 and 2,5m high - I'd definitely pay a hundred Euro a year. Just to store things that I don't need lying around my apartment.

I've considered just renting or buying a garage, but with a storage space I would not need to worry about keeping it warm and dry, and it would provide some reasonable level of security (cameras, at least).

There are laohotell services, but that's not really for consumers, it's just space on a shelf where you can put your standard europallet.

Am I missing something? Is this available already?


Alan Mendelevich said...

Don't be a grandpa, throw the shit away or sell it (if it's worth something). If you want to store it somewhere where the land is cheap (out of the city) it probably means you don't need it.

Short term storage is another story though.

antyx said...

Spoken as someone who does not live in a studio apartment. :P

Wait, wut? said...

I've wondered the same thing. It would be nice to have some place to stash, for example, my snow tires. It takes up half the basement locker on its own.

Toivo Ellakvere said...

antyx said...

I'm aware of laohotell, but they store pallets. I don't have a pallet worth of stuff, I have a room full of stuff.


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