Monday, May 31, 2010

May Mailbag of Lateness

* One more Th!nk3 article. Need to pick up the pace.

* I'm not going to talk in detail about the 750 billion Euro rescue plan, here's a good start - the non-trivial bit there to which I want to call your attention is the fact that the ECB will now start buying Eurozone bonds on the open market. Effectively, the sovereign debt of EU member states will be taken over by the EU's central authorities. It won't be a huge shift, at least for now, but it can be very significant in the long term: a way for the EU's main contributors to impose their will on indebted countries via a means that is entirely outside the EU treaties and protocol. The ECB is supposedly independent, but let's face it, the countries that are responsible for most of its budget are also responsible for most of its policy.

* A curious scenario of differentiating between the trustworthiness of Germany and Greece without destroying the Eurozone. Probably won't happen as described, but might be implemented in part, at least on a perception level.

* Comedy Estonia is back in Tallinn! June 9th, 8pm, at Drink Baar. Tickets should be on sale today for 75eek. Tickets at the door will be more expensive and limited. Drink is not a huge space, so if you're interested, get yours soon. All-new sets from your favourite comedians (including yours truly), plus some new faces.

* It is increasingly likely that we will be having a big comedy show in Pärnu as part of the International Hansa Days. June 25th-26th. If you're around at all, come and see us perform, we'll have an excellent lineup there. Yes, yes, I know it's just after Jaanipäev, it's not like you're going to work on Friday anyway.

* You may have noticed the No Peanuts! banner to the right there. I've translated the manifesto for them into Estonian, and have joined the directory. It's a good cause and I agree with their principles entirely.


moevenort said...
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moevenort said...

of course "The Economist" is a perfect source of independent information, free of any constraint to follow one particular paradigma in Economics only. The perfect source of information for Estonian Neoliberals of course (irony)


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