Monday, February 23, 2009

Tele2 starts to get it right (finally)

I've bitched about Tele2 before, specifically their SMS spamming ways, but the truth is that I've been a customer of theirs for over ten years now - and didn't leave even when I wasn't locked into a contract. They're cheaper than the other two physical networks, and while the coverage is a bit worse than EMT, it's never bothered me too much. But they could certainly stand to increase the uptake speed on innovation.

One of the mobile-related subjects I've brought up is the viability of unlimited data plans on 3.5G. While people from the carriers have assured me that the Estonian networks will not be running out of capacity any time soon, they have certainly been taking their sweet bloody time with it, so there must be some concern. Currently, the top end of the data plans give you 3GB of traffic per month (though, again, the man from Elisa has assured me that the limit is currently not being enforced) at a fee of about 20 Euro - which is acceptable if this is your primary Internet connection, but far less so if it's something you use every now and again. The data plan I got for my N85 is 99 EEK (7 Euro) for half a gig of traffic, which is on the upper edge of what I am prepared to spend on what is essentially a backup connection.

EMT has had campaigns where you could use data on your account and it was capped at 9 EEK per day - although I believe that wasn't permanent, just a temporary promotion. My latest bit of Tele2 paper spam tells me that their prepaid cards are now capped at 15 EEK per day - the same price as a 24-hour ticket, which you normally need to specifically purchase with an SMS, but which does give you unlimited data at HSDPA speeds. They really need to extend that to contract customers, and make it a permanent feature; that would be an awesome advantage for them (until EMT and Elisa do the same).

As it is, what I really need right now is a slim PCMCIA data card - which EMT sells, but Tele2 doesn't - and a prepaid Tele2 SIM loaded up with enough cash for me to not have to think about data usage from my laptop.

I also need data roaming to stop being so preposterously expensive, but then that's not going to happen any time soon, is it.

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