Monday, February 16, 2009

Backfire Schadenfreude


Tallinn's City Hall has been making noises about getting rid of its boroughs and centralizing the power. The mayor, ever the populist, started an online poll, asking people to support the campaign. Ostensibly this is beneficial to the mayor's Centrist Party, and should allow them to keep control of the city, as well as give them a boost in other elections. (I haven't looked into it, in fact I specifically registered myself as a Tartu resident a few years ago so Savisaar would have no access to my tax money. But from what I understand, the consolidation would end the separation of Tallinn into distinct voting precincts, instead the city would vote as a single constituency.)

The result so far?

Tallinn's council is still quite enamoured by the idea though - to the effect that the coalition has attached a rider to an unrelated bill, blocking any such consolidation. The bill is being rushed through parliament, and the coalition says that they are concerned about election laws being changed so close to impending public votes. Their claim certainly has some merit, but it still smells bad to me: hiding significant changes in unrelated legislation and pushing them through without public debate may be JOKK, but it's very bad form. Postimees quotes Centrist MP Evelyn Sepp saying that the President could simply veto the bill. As much as I hate to agree with the Centrists or do anything to support the interests of Savisaar, I do think he ought to: it's a bitch move on the coalition's part, and so they are in desperate need of a legislative bitchslap.

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