Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Obligatory US Election Comment

Resulting from a discussion on a forum:

Hmm, this makes an eerie sort of sense: when McCain was stuck in a Vietnamese prison camp, he made a deal with the devil; he would get out, return to the US, become rich, marry a beautiful woman, have a successful career in politics, and eventually become President of the USA. For this, he surrenders his soul.

Now that he is at the end of his life, he suddenly realizes what an enormous mistake he made. Although he cannot give up on the deal directly, he is actually doing everything he can to tank his own campaign, so the Devil's promise remains unfulfilled and McCain's soul is redeemed.


Kristopher said...

The devil has something in store -- the Bradley Effect.

As a result of the poll numbers, McCain might thinks he is tanking hard enough, but he's going to have to try much harder.

space_maze said...

... try much harder.

That .. is the problem.


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