Monday, October 06, 2008

Not Nearly the Same

The first article I've ever published on Baltlantis completely on my own. (The CMS there is a bit eccentric.)

I think I'm just gonna disable comments on posts mirroring BL, since it will get a lot more out of extra pageviews than me...


Kristopher said...

It's a well-written piece (Joel's), but nothing's new or exceptionally radical about it.

Thousands of people across Europe live in squats, eat off edible plates and are no doubt having fabulous sex. And -- they never get stopped by militiamen and asked for their propiska.

Doris said...

very well put:)

If anything, there is an overabundance of choise (even within IKEA) that makes people choose the "medium". I was 6 when the Evil Empire fell but I still remember how mom had to take all the 3 kids along with her to the store to prove that she had a right to buy a certain amount of milk after standing in a line that wrapped around the block... A little like getting your brand-new Apple Air that you've been on the list for the last 2 months and that has your own personalised design and whatnot. But that is luxury. In what non-sub-Saharan country is milk a luxury?


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