Friday, May 16, 2008

Still Alive

Surgery went well. Out of the hospital now. Feeling vaguely like Doctor Who after a regeneration cycle ("huh, new teeth"). Wondering how long I will be pissing green for.

No solid foods for six weeks. Hopefully not being hungry will help; also, the really awesome Kenwood smoothie machine I have at home. Looking forward to trying various ways of crushing berries in liquids.


Jens-Olaf said...

Good news, well done. And please Estonian beer at every port. Seen in your next post

tank said...

glad you're back!

Kristopher said...

Black currant is supposed to be excellent for speeding post-operative healing.

Karla said...

Pleased to hear you survived the knife. Take it easy and obey all the docs' caveats. And no cheating! (Karla's hidden camera - FYI it was in that fake lepatriinu that alighted on your window ledge - caught you trying to slip a couple of BBQ ribs into the Kenwood blender.)

Giustino said...

Maybe I owe you a post surgery visit -- you bring the movie, I'll bring the baby food.


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