Thursday, May 29, 2008

...meanwhile, PayPal seems to fully support Baltic accounts now, in that it's possible to receive money, and withdraw it as well (for a fairly reasonable flat 2 Euro fee).

Which is nice.


Alan Mendelevich said...

Well, these are like 8 month old news ;)

Be sure to check with your bank before withdrawing. There was almost a riot here and a reasonably big noise in press when Hansabank silently decided to stop accepting transfers from paypal just out of the blue. They (paypal) use VISA's chargeback feature to send money and Hansa thinks that it's inappropriate for this use. People even tried contacting VISA about this but the response was that it's bank's decision to make. And the money that didn't get into hansabank's account get stuck somewhere in the middle and it's total pain in the ass to get them back into paypal account (faxing utility bills, etc.)

matude said...

Hmm, hansapank accepts paypals withdrawals for me but sometimes it delays for more than a month.
I've found out that if you change the currency into euros before withdrawing, it will arrive on time (5-7 days).

So yes, officially it works 100%, but de facto it can sometimes be easier and faster to walk with a bag of gold from one city to another, than using paypal.


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