Tuesday, January 22, 2008


The inimitable master Janus comes through in a pinch for more traffic still.

I don't have a Google AdSense account on hand, otherwise I'd put the ads on there, to be quite honest.

Meanwhile, the best I can do to monetize is to tell you that I do technical writing/user documentation as a freelancer, and if you need some nice manuals or help files done, email's in the sidebar.

Wonder how long till Wired strips the article...

EDIT: The iFrame is gone. Hopefully my traffic will get back to normal now.


Liam said...

You cna sign up through the blogger interface and be publishing ads pretty much straight away.

B├Ąckman said...

How cool -- reading and posting to a blog from the most wired country in Europe -- in a small window in the middle of the Wired page.

antyx said...

Heh, that's true Liam, cheers.

Anonymous said...

iFrame is gone but a link to your non-pron message is still there on page 5.


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