Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Savisaar Declares Blue Law, Loses Voters, Mind

In a bid to distract people from his reaction to the April riots and his Putin Party connections, Tallinn mayor Edgar Savisaar has declared a permanent ban on off-license alcohol sales after 8 pm.

Yeah, THAT's gonna make him really popular.

(His nemesis, the PM Andrus Ansip is on the other hand famous in some circles for issuing an executive exception for a little park ground in downtown Tartu. There's a general law against public alcohol consumption in Estonia, but back when Ansip was the mayor of Tartu, he made sure the law didn't apply to Pirogov Hill.)

Meanwhile, on the local Russian side Savisaar's been catching flak for advertising his autobiography via MSN Messenger banners, with taglines like "How do we fight Russia?". It really appears as though Edgar is off his rollers.

Bonus: photo op of Edgar Savisaar with newborn triplets.


Giustino said...

He's totally lost his groove. Have there been any TNS EMOR polls lately about popularity, AnSSip, etc.?

antyx said...

Haven't seen numbers for Savisaar specifically lately, but the approval ratings for the government and the parliament have dropped because of the new MP expenses law. Dropped to levels slightly below those before the riots, in fact. Which is typical: the crisis is over, now everyone's remembering that an Estonian's favourite food is another Estonian.


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