Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Do Want!

UPDATE: Bump - new stuff added.

Mostly as a reminder to myself, but also as a tip for anyone attending a birthday of mine or some other such event - a list of stuff I want but can't be bothered to buy myself (to be updated as appropriate, in no particular order):

1) Transformers - Super God Masterforce DVD set

2) Don Johnson Big Band - Don Johnson Big Band

3) Don Johnson Big Band - Breaking Daylight

4) Don Johnson Big Band Original Burn Black T-shirt (XL)

5) Top Gear Nurburgring Nipple T-shirt (XXL, black)

6) Stroopwaffels 12x8-pack (or any large quantity come to think of it)

7) Bionic Jive - Armageddon Through Your Speaker

8) E-type Loud Pipes Tour or Metal Tour T-shirt (XXL; I have both, but wouldn't mind more!)

9) Independent MC Support T-shirt (XXL; not exactly sure how to go about buying it!)

10)Tom Bihn Empire Builder shoulder bag, in Black/Black/Steel, with an Absolute Shoulder Strap and size 4 Horizontal Brain Cell

11) Ze Frank League of Awesomeness Black on Black T-shirt (XXL)

12) Evil for Evil (by K.J. Parker)

13) Dynomighty Bandoleer Bracelet (with Extras set)

14) Unicomp Customizer 105 Raven Black keyboard

15) Sony Ericsson W950i phone

16) Logitech diNovo Edge keyboard (yes, it's the second keyboard on the list; the first one is for my desk, this one is for my couch.)

17) MagnoGrip magnetic wristband

18) Room-sized RC helicopter, damage-proof (rubber body, apparently).

19) Kenwood SD101 retro barmixer, red. (Perfect gift: too expensive and impractical for me to justify buying it, but it's enormously awesome and I really want it.)

20) Philips Cucina 3-in-1 combination sandwich/waffle/meat grill.

21) Genius LuxeMate 810 Media Cruiser keyboard (cheaper than the DiNovo and far more badass)

22) Lemon press. Ingenious, and a solution to a problem I've properly been having (i.e. laziness).

23) Sun Jar. Obscurely useful and intrinsically cool.

24) Self-irony. I wantz it.


Giustino said...

Don Johnson has a band?! Does Philip Michael Thomas play sax?

antyx said...

It's referential. They're a sort of rockabilly/euro-hiphop band. Obscure, but recommended.

Giustino said...

Whoa. I hope they don't mind when I form the Crockett & Tubbs Jugband Allstars. We can do Glenn Frey covers ...


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