Saturday, March 18, 2006

The trials of gaming... and, pigs.

There is a special place, on the border of heaven and hell, where martyred gamers can use sharp, hot and otherwise unpleasant objects on the people who put all those flying missions in GTA: San Andreas.


In other news, a bit of googling shows that Battlefront II on the PC does seem to have a history of freezing and/or crashing when confronted by something so rare as an nVidia GeForce 6000-series videocard. It's not that Lucas Arts isn't aware of the problem, or that they're denying it exists, but apparently they simply don't give a flying fuck.

On an entirely unrelated matter, AnTyx is now host to a gallery of pig drawings by members of CoT. Leading the way is our very own Master of Pigs, the honourable Geert-Jan Thomas.

The piggies are available at Enjoy!

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