Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A minor update

Yes, yes, I know. I haven't posted a damn thing in three weeks. No, unlike Chris McKinstry I do not appear to have offed myself.

Antyx was started at a time of contentment, I described this way back in the start. I had a burning urge to do something with my life besides my nice, yet not world-changing day job. I wanted to create. There seemed to be plenty of topics, plenty of things I was mad about or thought I had an unusual opinion about, so for a long time I held out, writing a new post nearly every day.

At this point I am no longer content. I have goals to strive for, unlikely but feasible, which makes them worth pursuing. This is why I have not had the motivation to produce more Antyx pieces - I am simply doing other stuff with the time and energy.

I will be back though. Soon. But first, I have to translate the owner's manuals for two ATVs and a moped.

PS: I bought a new car. 1987 Accord with the 16V engine from the Prelude. I cannot overemphasize how much driving is better than public transport; I had almost forgotten.

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