Wednesday, April 29, 2009

City of Seg-- wait, what?

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Let me tell you something. Tartu is not a big city. I was drinking at a friend's house on Monday night and took a cab home, then on Tuesday I walked from home to work, and then from work to the friend's house to pick up my car. This was not a hugely strenuous walk (and I live fairly far from downtown). You almost never really need a car in Tartu; and you certainly never need a Segway.


Alex said...

Nobody buys a Segway because they need one.

Louis said...

The best part is that the guy is on the phone as well. Probably on the phone to NASA, this dude is a mover and shaker!

Giustino said...

But isn't having wheels for feet part of your future hitek fantasy?

antyx said...

It's apparently a rental service, run by the snowboard shop in Raekoja plats.

Giustino - not really. When I travel using wheels, I like to have hundreds of horsepower and a ton of metal protecting me.


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