Friday, January 23, 2009

Your man in Brussels

You'll have noticed the slight changes to the template, including the big logo to the right. That's something called "Th!nk About It", a blogging competition centered around the Europarliament elections. I got invited to participate, so they're flying me (and a bunch of other people, I think including Peteris Cedrins from Latvia, but nobody else I've heard of) to Brussels. We'll have a bunch of Eurocrats talk at us, and get a tour of the EP compound.

So, my question: what should I look out for? What should I ask about? What do you, the readers of AnTyx, want to know about the EU government apparatus and particularly the Europarliament, other than the obvious "what's the point of it and why should I care"?

Comments or emails welcome.


Mingus said...

What's the deal with Euroenglish? Twinning? Feedingstuff? Real right contract? Can't they use proper English as a legal basis? Answer me that.

Kristopher said...

3 posts a week minimum, even if it's about bananas.


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