Sunday, December 14, 2008

Now with more Europe-ness!

It looks like I've been selected to participate in something called TH!NK ABOUT IT - a blogging competition to raise awareness of next year's Europarliament elections, and EU matters in general. The immediate benefit to me is a free trip to Brussels in January, and the immediate benefit to you is that I'll have to produce at least one EU-themed article per month between February and the elections. I might also win an iPhone.

Recognition is always nice (and it was them who found me, rather than me applying for participation), but in all fairness it should be interesting as well - seeing more of the Eurocracy machine, up close & personal, and then trying to figure out how it affects us, as well as how to make people back home care.

1 comment:

Kristopher said...

You're obviously in it for the Mac laptop, but congratulations.

You've checked out the song by the same name yet?


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