Sunday, November 23, 2008

Good Skiing Weather

I imagine even the foreign readers are now aware of the massive blizzard that's covered Estonia. I caught the start of it last night during my nightgame here in Tallinn; came back to dad's place at 7am, parked and went to sleep. Tried to get out this morning, got a couple meters forward (literally), gave up and went back to dad's to drink bourbon. Will try to get it out tomorrow, but there's a real chance that I will have to leave it in Tallinn until the snow thaws out. (And unlike Louis Z, I have proper, studded winter tires with a bitchin' tread pattern.)

Rural households all around the country, mostly in the north, have lost power - around 32,000 in all, as of Sunday night. Fellow blogger Colm reports that his girlfriend's parents' home has lost water as well; the utility companies are saying that some repairs won't get done until the storm is over, and that won't be until tomorrow night. Colm suggests a significant demographic spike circa August '09; approved.

Still, the cities are holding. Here in Lasnamäe, we have power, water, heat and Internet connectivity, so all the basic human rights are covered. The Christmas market opened in Town Hall Square today. Tartu seems alright as well, but my boss just called and said that it took him three hours to get from Tartu to his house, which is usually a 20-minute trip.

The airport has shut down, as has the ferry traffic. The highways are essentially impassible. Still, as the old saying goes: summer in Estonia is ten months of poor skiing weather.

Webcam of Vabaduse Väljak in Tallinn


Dasanjos said...

Of course we noted the snowstorm!
Great to play outside!!!
Many videos and pictures to send to friends and family!

But just don't plan on relying on public transportation, trams didn't work, and the Trolleys didn't come to Kesklinn.

But I believe that this is kind of normal in Estonia, once in a while, isn't? (Or should I run to the hills?)

Kristopher said...

My hats go off to anyone who works the snowplow, and I understand Tartu had its act together, starting cleanup at the same time as the storm. I also understand they fuck up the cleanup every time in Tallinn so that political capital can be generated from the spread on how badly they will fuck it up.

Still, I wonder what the deal is -- Tartu got 25 cm from the main storm, which isn't even a foot of snow, at the same time that in the US, nor'easters dump 2-3 feet of dense wet snow at the epicentre -- and prairie blizzards are just like what we saw yesterday, well, except with temps of -20, not -2.

I guess what I'm asking is whether 10 inches and a bit of wind really merits wall-to-wall coverage in the media. Granted, eestimaalased are usually more competent than Americans so it is more of a story when things get fouled up.

Kristopher said...

Again, I salute all who shovelled and plowed, especially those who had to return to a home without power.


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