Monday, November 12, 2007

300th Post!


I sincerely hope there's nobody anal enough to count them, because Blogger's dashboard might actually also count the ones that are still in draft stage, in which case this is not the 300th post published on AnTyx. But let's just pretend it is, anyway.

Days like today is why I own a car in Tartu. I live alone, and I'm within half an hour's walking distance of my downtown office, which is doable even in the freezing winter months. I'm now much more conveniently serviced by public transport than at my previous rental apartment. It would definitely be cheaper to take the bus than drive around, usually alone, in my relatively enormous '93 Mazda 626 liftback, which consumes about 15l/100km in Tartu urban driving, because I only do about 70km on my tiny commute, in traffic, and it always runs cold. I now need to buy winter tires for it, then find out what I need to fix up for the MoT coming in December, and insurance runs out in early January (when I'll have owned the same car for a full year - OMG!). It's a really expensive proposition.

But on days like today, when it's snowing with a cold wind, and it's dark, and slippery, and generally unpleasant - it is an indescribable pleasure to scrape the ice off your windshield (takes longer than the actual drive home), get inside, put the heater on full, turn on the stereo, and carefully inch along the treacherous streets to the wail of the over-revving engine and the cricket staccato of the ABS brakes, driving past the poor, miserable bastards waiting for the bus.

Worth every penny.


Alex said...

FWIW, I just got some Sava Eskimo Ice tires on my Mondeo Estate from Hinkus over on Seppa by ARK. They were on sale (cheapest studded tire I could find). They feel a bit squirrely on the dry/wet pavement in town (the soft rubber compound I imagine) but I was out at my country place in Põlvamaa and they performed great on the hard pack snow/ice on the back roads. Anyway, after I got crappy attitude from a few other tire places shopping around, I thought I'd plug Hinkus. Gotta give props to good customer service when you can find it!

tank said...

there's a secret, though:
you can look up the bus times on so you don't have to wait much :)
but i understand the sentiment :)


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