Saturday, May 12, 2007

Spring Song

It's 4 am on a Friday night (or rather Saturday morning). I am walking along the damp, cold streets of Tartu, heading home after a heavy night out - Priit's birthday party, followed by hipster night at the Rock Club (Godber is right - the most infuriating thing about indie music is that songs start out really well, but instantly turn into the same boring three-chord background to a whiny vocal) and concluding at Trehv. After wine, vodka-cranberry, two pints of vodka & energy drink, and a glass of Bacardi Razz & ginger ale (brilliant combo, try it) I am neither sleepy nor miserably drunk; in fact I am pleased with myself, and with the realization that I am in fact the sort of person that stays out with friends until 4 am. I just turned 23, for some reason I care about such things.

And as I make my way through a mix of old wooden houses, Soviet apartment blocks and shiny new concrete & glass buildings, with my breath curling in the air in front of me, what do I hear?


Beautiful, man. Bloody beautiful.


Anonymous said...

That's nice.
Here's someone who was awake from 1am to 3am thanks to a mocking bird imitating car alarm outside my window.
Perhaps there was also someone walking by on his way from club, happy to hear it. That did not occur to me, busy as I was trying to think of ways to trap or shoot the singer.

space_maze said...

I love the beauty of bird songs when coming home late at night.

Till I actually get home and want to sleep .. but can't, as they won't shut up out there.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, man, but you're wearing that Reality Bites Facial Hair. And Ethan Hawke was my baby-sitter once. Kids in the same town. Chop it down or grow it out. This is an order from High Command.

You be safe, mon frere. I don't like what is happening in your neighborhood. We got so many Russians, Armenians & Ukranians in my apartment complex in the US, I'd be willing to give 3:2 odds we've got the numbers on the natives.

It's the nasty ones who stayed.

So be safe. Sane is optional.

-TMG (and friends)

antyx said...

Space maze, somehow the birds have never stopped me sleeping... nor even car alarms. I do, however, hate loud late-night house parties with a passion.

Graham, the facial hair is a lot worse now than it is in that pic - I don't have a bath mirror in the new apartment yet, so I can't shave. ;)


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