Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dump It

Dump It
Originally uploaded by Flasher T.
Street at on the riverbank in Tartu.

There was another good one, just over the Riia/Narva bridge (I'm sure there's a proper name for it), on the Fortuuna parking lot side, that said "Venelased, tundke end nagu kodus!" ("Russians, feel right at home!"). That's been painted over now, though.


antonius said...

There was one nice graffiti in Tallinn between St.Nicolas church and Neisitorn if you go down the stairs in the courtyard, unfortunately can't find the picture of it right now.

Tiamsuu said...

Noticed one stencilled on the wall next to a boarded-up store on Pärnu street: 'In case of stupidity, break everything', with a nice picture of a baseball bat.

Unknown said...

They drew the swastika facing the wrong way.

space_maze said...

Which makes it more Buddhist than Nazi? Dang.

Oh well .. you could always mirror the image to restore it to its full awesomeness :-)


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