Sunday, February 25, 2007

Via Hell Incorporated!

So, Lordi rocked.

No pictures, unfortunately, as the security confiscated my camera half way through the show and wiped the memory card (sorry Aleksei!). But it was a fair cop - my hip-holster is an unorthodox, though very convenient, way to carry a camera as poorly concealable as the Canon A620, and I knew from the start that cameras were not allowed at the event. I was in second row center, with some little Finnish girl in front of me singularly failing to obscure my view of the stage, and did all the headbanging I wanted - so the lack of pics is compensation: were I in the back rows, I couldn't have gotten decent pics at all.

It was a full-length show, no warmup and ended fairly early (because of all the little kids), but otherwise max strength: the only song they didn't do which I would've liked to hear was Supermonstars. And, hey, I got a T-shirt.

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