Monday, June 26, 2006


In the news today (well, a few days ago but I saw it on this morning's repeat of the Friday night news): a band member of Pink Floyd has travelled to the Middle East with a coterie of cameras and got himself all sad looking at the barrier between Israel and the West Bank. He even wrote "Tear down the wall" on the stones with a black marker.

WTF? Israel is making it complicated for West Bank residents to get through the checkpoints because it's a fucking national border for all intents and purposes. It's not supposed to be easy. Yes, I realize that the arabs all have menial jobs in Israel (which apparently still pay better than anything in the West Bank) so they need to cross the border twice daily, but you know what? Tough cookies. The wall has shown itself to be effective against suicide bombers, and it's the biggest step so far to actually solving the bloody mess over there. If we assume that the man had actually taken a moment to grasp what he was doing there, calling for the wall to be torn down is effectively giving up the hope of "get rid of the occupants and let the residents have their own nation" for "why oh why can't the Jews and Arabs live together in harmony?".

I guess all that Pink Floyd cash buys a personal reality distortion generator whose power exceeds even the natural abilities of Bob Geldof.

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