Friday, February 17, 2006


They say that if you're going to do cross-country skiing, you should at least start with a small country. Or is it Small Country?

Today Andrus Veerpalu successfully defended his Salt Lake City gold in the men's 15km classic. Defending an Olympic victory is a rare achievement indeed. On Sunday, Kristina Smigun took her first Olympic medal - gold - in the women's 7.5km+7.5km pursuit, and followed it up yesterday with another win in the 10km classic race.

On Estonia's Independence Day, she will be going for a hat-trick with the women's 30km. We all hope she'll get it - but even if she doesn't, she's already brought the sort of glory to herself and her country that few people in our history have rivaled.

In the medal count, Estonia currently stands in fifth place (after the US, Germany, Russia and Austria). It is, beyond any doubt, a great skiing nation.

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